Loving to Remember

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Well I didn’t end up posting every week from Italy like I wanted to and it took me way too long to figure out how to add pictures to my posts but now I’m back and ready to share everything about the rest of my trip! 

First off, I want to talk about my time digging at Badia Pozzeveri! In the six weeks I was there, I learned and took much more away than I ever could have imagined. In my area, 4000, we did end up finding the “dead monks” that my supervisor wanted. The monks were buried in the hallway so that their brothers would walk over them when they prayed. As for the monks, we found around 5 burials which was very exciting because we weren’t sure if we were going to find any. The monks were there at one point but because they are approximately 700 years old we weren’t sure if the bones would have disintegrated or not. My summer was definitely an unforgettable one and I was able to learn how to excavate bones, dig a test pit, dig post holes as well as learn how to clean pottery and bones. I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience, thanks Field School Pozzeveri!

As for my travels while in Europe, I spent my midterm break in Paris, France and my remaining weekends were spent in Venice and Rome! Paris was amazing and even though I did not know what to expect it was just what I imagined a popular European city. I was there the weekend of the World Cup and let me tell you—best experience ever! There is nothing better than running into an Argentinean rally in the middle of Paris or taking a day trip to Belgium and walking past a block party routing for Germany. While I loved visiting the famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower, it is these memories that I will remember and cherish forever because they truly are once in a lifetime. As for the famous monuments, if planning on going to The Louvre and have a valid student ID go on a Friday after 6 PM because you will get in for free!  Europeans love their Nutella and one of my favorite snacks in Paris was the Nutella street crepe I got at the bottom of the Champ de Élysées. The day I flew out of Paris was Bastille Day and on my way to the bus station I was able to walk past the Arch which had huge French flags flying off of it as well as numerous military vehicles and soldiers. It’s one thing to learn about another countries culture and holidays but it’s an entirely different thing to experience it and I was so glad I was able to experience the World Cup and Bastille Day while in Paris!

My next stop was Venice. Let me just say that it is exactly like I imagined it would be! There were very tiny cobblestone walkways next to canals, walkways that seemed hidden, gondola’s, boats and cute bridges overlooking canals everywhere. Venice even smelled musty, old and perfect. My favorite part of Venice was just walking around and not having any specific thing to do in mind because that is when you come across the most beautiful things and fun experiences. For dinner, my friend and I ate in this cute little restaurant that we stumbled across. At first, it just looks like a garden then as you walk further down the way it opens up into a big area surrounded by plants and trellises. I also have to say Venice was where I had the best pizza and one of the best gelatos.

Rome was not built in a day but you sure can do it in a day. Yes, I did a day trip to Rome. I didn’t quite have my Lizzy McGuire moment—no Gordo for me but I was able to throw a coin into the under construction Trevi Fountain. Rome was Rome, it was crazy crowded with tourists but that’s what I expected. The one thing that I did not like about Rome was the subway system, I have only been on three European subway systems but this was my least favorite (no machines that I used tickets took credit or debit card—make sure to have cash!). However, there were more than enough good things about Rome! I started off with the Coliseum—amazingly breathtaking. Then while trying to find the Trevi Fountain (look up directions ahead of time as it is nowhere near the Trevi Fountain subway stop), I stumbled across the Spanish Steps and meet a fellow college travel from Great Britain. Vatican City was my next stop, I only got tickets for the museum part and art isn’t my favorite thing to look at but the Sistine Chapel is amazingly painted. Also, I need to leave something to do next time I go to Rome so the other half of the Vatican better watch out because I’m coming to tour you soon! After a delicious lunch, I threw my coin into the Trevi Fountain and came across an archaeological museum (this is my type of museum!) not too far away whose date correlated with the fountain. Last but certainly not least was the Roman Forum, just incredible. My day in Rome was definitely busy but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Overall my summer in Italy was a success and I cannot wait to see what future travels have in store for me!



Live well, laugh often, love much, discover you.

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